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DOCTROIT  Advocating for the cash paying patient  


Cash paying patients do not have access to lower fee schedules paid by insurance companies.  The 37,000,000 uninsured Americans and the millions more who use Medical Savings Accounts are paying more than they need to for their health care. Physicians have concerns with the current state of health insurance reimbursement as well and seek a better way.  DOCTROIT can help.  DOCTROIT provides cash paying patients with access to physician services at a fair price.

Registered patients:  639

The DOCTROIT promise:

Listed physicians agree to limit their fees to patients who bring their DOCTROIT card and pay cash at the time of visit.

Registered doctors:  12

If DOCTROIT can help you then: fill in our VERY simple registration form to print your DOCTROIT card; schedule an appointment with a DOCTROIT doctor; grab your wallet; and go.

Assembled by IntroWebs (586) 873-0204